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Jodi and I thank everyone who supported our missions overseas with donations and prayers!
We are just finished a two and half week visit to Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. In July,
I’ll be heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for World Youth Day. More visits throughout the United
States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Vietnam, Australia, and the Pacific Rim are in the works. Thanks
again for your endless love and prayers! —Jesse and Jodi

Posted by Jesse on June 5, 2014

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It’s very strange, not traveling and working on the road for over two months. I have managed to do a number of local things for the Diocese of San Jose, and a couple of other local communities. It is nice to be able to have lunch with friends. Michael, Bernardo and Jon and I got together for a sushi thing. Love these guys. Went fishing and crabbing with my brothers. Right now, just recovering from bronchitis, but nice to get out of the house. Off to a graduation celebration for one of our granddaughters; then on Saturday a wedding, and then….  Celebrated our youngest daughter’s, Jennah, graduation from college. Remarkable feat and terrific co-celebration with our niece Journie. Brilliant young women. Praying for some friends who have suffered some beloved family members in this past couple of months or so. God bless the Haas family, the Jansen family, the Bunch family, the Aguirre and Ledesma families, and the Prevou family. Sharing their sorrow, their gratitude and their hope. Blessings to you all from Pacifica, California!

Posted by Jesse on February 20, 2014

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Would you consider supporting a Catholic Worker hospitality house for women and their children, Casa de Clara? April 2nd, Jesse and friends will present a concert of songs and stories at Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga, CA, at 7PM. Visit this website, https://itrulycare.com/events/jesse-manibusan-concert for an opportunity to support the event with ticket sales/donations! The house is desperately trying to buy a used pick up truck, as well as build ongoing support from new friends and helpers! Thanks for considering this great cause! Jesse and Jodi

Posted by Jesse on February 16, 2014

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Been traveling a great deal in the cold winter; Dubuque, IA, Washington, DC, Prior Lake, MN, Alberta, Canada. You folks who live in the cold zones of winter are some hearty folks. My pacific islander chromosomes are happiest when the mercury is above 70+ Spent a couple of days in southern CA, Garden Grove and So. Pasadena, with St. Callistus/Christ Cathedral and Holy Family. Great weather and great folks too! Grateful to be able to be home in Pacifica for a couple of weeks before I head to Atlanta, GA on Friday, and then to Okotoks, Alberta, Canada on Sunday. Thank you all for your prayers for me. My health continues to improve as having health care (great health care at long last!) and my willingness to surrender has grown. Thank you for your prayers, friends. Pray for Jodi, as she’s under the weather. I’ll be at Youth Day and LA Congress in March, so maybe we’ll some of you there! Sending you love and thanks! Jesse

Posted by Jesse on April 12, 2013

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Cairns, Australia – We blame the Augustinians, specifically Fr. Tony Banks and Brother Paul Skippen. They did some great legwork with Colin Harvey and the Diocese of Cairns. Jodi and I left SFO on March 12th, arrived Cairns on the 14th, was greeted up by Colin, Kath and Priscilla. Two carloads of luggage and we were off to the hotel. 20 minutes later, we were on the river inlets of Cairns, fishing with Priscilla and 8 other folks. What a joy. We caught fish, mud crab, saw a huge croc, and I got eaten alive by sandflies. Whoo hoo! We avoided a ton of jet lag by staying awake instead of crashing when we arrived at the hotel. The work with the staff of Catholic Education, teachers and staff of city and country schools, and youth of Cairns; it was a blur of activity on Friday and Saturday, ending with a visit to Fr. Michael, osa, in Mareeba for mass and a potluck at St. Thomas Villanova. Beautiful place. Beautiful hospitality and love. Beautiful people. We hope to return in 2014. One day at a time. Tombat and Milan, we love you!

Posted by Jesse on April 12, 2013

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Well, the move to Pacifica, California, is still a beautiful and wonderful thing. Jodi is doing amazing things in school at the National Holistic Institute. She’s a true healing presence in the world. Travel has become more difficult as flying from SFO to places beyond is longer than flying from DFW. It takes all day to get somewhere, and another day to get home. I offer it up. Thanks for all your prayers, your love and support of our family, our ministry, and on an extremely personal note, for my health. Kevin and the community from Glen Allen, VA, my CPAP machine is literally saving my life. The sleep that I’m able to get has given me much needed rest, especially when I’m on the road and more so, when I’m home! Thank you so very much. St. Mary’s Church in St.Marys, PA, you know our hearts are full of gratitude for your huge love and blessing. Work in my own Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Diocese of San Jose this past January, were the first things of the new year. Visits to the east coast, St. Rose in Gaithersburg, Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, MD, and Our Lady of Mercy, all in Maryland, were great moments of joy and hope. A visits to the Jackson, MS, San Antonio, TX, Anaheim, CA, Williamsburg, KS, St. Peter in Pacifica and Our Lady of the Pilar, in Half Moon Bay, all in February, were strenuous but wonderful. Was able to connect with Steve Angrisano in Grand Rapids, then off to Fall River, MA, Lansing, MI and Kalamzoo, MI, before the pilgrimage to Australia with Jodi. January, February and March, OH MY! Thank you all for your prayers and support. One day at a time. Know that you are loved! Jesse

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